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LazyFlag is a mobile app designed to bring spontaneity into day-to-day life. It’s easy to say “live the moment” but how easy is it to actually take a break and find out more about life?

LazyFlag brings adventure, novelty and just good old fun to your phone. Tap and go... right now!


A powerful and refined search tool allows you to find the perfect activity within your current location or by matching any search terms to our activity database.

An extensive category listing of activities is directly available to you, if your search is not too defined and you’re exploring a bit.

If you’re not too limited to your current location, you're able to expand the search radius and explore further and further, as far as it makes sense to you.

As your search is entered, a complete map is presented, with relevant places highlighted for your convenience. You may choose whichever you like and find out more by clicking on it.

Fast, intuitive and convenient, LazyFlag is your go-to app for adventure and new experiences, in the city or in the country, whether it rains or shines.
Live in the now. Live the moment.


Live the moment right now!

Find out what’s going on around you and raise your LazyFlag.

Nevermind the plan for today. Take a break and discover what’s right around the corner. Find hiking trails and sports activities, rentals, tours and guides; be radical or just curious. Find adventure.